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Motion Design

See my motion work on Plastic Surgery Studios Website.
Please note, All clients shown are clients of Plastic Surgery Studios. I compiled assets and animated them to create the video

Web Design

At my job at Plastic Surgery Studios. My main job is to design great looking, and easy to use websites what are responsive and work well on all screen sizes. The websites you see below are clients of Plastic Surgery Studios.

Dr. Brothers

Premiere Center

Dr. O’Tool

About Me

My name is Thomas Gunner and I am a graphic and web designer. I have a Bachelors of Arts from CBU in Southern California. Currently working for a full service marketing agency called Plastic Surgery Studios. Where I design web experiences for clients and their users.   


from Doctors to construction companies, and sometimes for fun.

Logo Rebrand

For Texas Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Patronella

Graphic Design

I make single artwork for bands, I illustrate posters, make social media posts for work, and play around in photoshop in my free time.

Single Artwork: DaysEye

In the band I am in charge of making single and album artwork. This was for the latest single “Let Me Go”. It is a composite of a dew different images of a hand reaching threw the fog. The image in gray was the final version, But I wanted to show the color options.

Fender: Outside The Lines Campain.

This is a passion project for the one of the greatest guitar makers

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