About Me

My name is Thomas Gunner (Tommy Gunn) and I have been working since 2015, honing my skills, and creating great experiences for clients and their users. My work includes: designing and building websites, creating brands , print and motion design work And creating web-ready graphics. I also have to do a lot of trouble shooting.

What I Do

My work requires me to be flexable when it comes to the types of projects I work on. I do everything from creating full web experiences using wordpress. I design the site from scratch to the clients specification. I also create web ready graphics, populate web pages, make regular updates, design brand elements like logos, social media posts, and other brand friendly assets. and problem solve for issues that are specific to the client.

I believe that truly good design rests at the intersection of aesthetics and function. If it looks great and users can’t engage with it, what good is it? And if it works great but doesn’t look good why would they want to? My job is to find where the two meet.

Extra Curiculars

When I am not behind my 27 inch iMac. I am with my wife and daughter, cooking or dancing. I am a martial artist and have been training since 2006. I also play in a band, and I brew beer that people seem to really like. 

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