Rebrand for
Christopher Patronella MD


At Plastic Surgery Studios; Me, my boss, and another coworker each submitted logos for consideration. The client wanted to rebrand his “True Form Tummy Tuck ®” into “True Form Plastic Surgery ®” and include it in his new logo.

Digital Mockup


Every logo has to start with inspiration. I started looking into brands and aesthetics that I believed the client would like. Once I did that, I draw out my ideas by hand. Doing this helps see more options faster, and see what works and what is not working.

Digital Mockups

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The client liked the logo with the “hand drawn” logo type. Since “True Form Tummy Tuck” was his signature procedure, I thought “True Form Plastic Surgery” could be a signature for his logo. 




This logo was not only going to go in his website, This was also going to go on his business card, and on the wall of his office. So I needed to show how it can be used and what his options are. I included a black, white, and color version, an icon for favicons and social media, A horizontal version for his navigation and just incase he needs it. 

I also animated his logo. The part of the logo that is “hand written” animates in using a SVG graphic with css keyframes. 


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